The Wild Side: Chronicles of Nature

The Wild Side: Chronicles of Nature

Part 1. Biology Without Borders

“When are you going to publish those stories you used to write for ‘The West’…?”

The Wild Side column ran in the environment section of The West Australian Newspaper from 1997 to 2003. It was awarded the Alex Harris Memorial Prize for Science Journalism in 1999. The column was ‘bite-sized’ science with a humorous twist, with essays ranging from opinion pieces to grand biological themes and simple stories on the nature of nature.

At long last, Part one of ‘The Wild Side CHRONICLES OF NATURE’ will be launched on Sunday 13th September. Among the topics are tributes to scientists such as ‘The World’s Oldest Profession’, discussion on ‘The Great Megafauna Debate’, several essays on sex and a look at the Loch Ness Monster. Also covered are: why reptiles are not cold-blooded; how an obscure 17th Century mathematician laid the foundation for the greatest revolution in our understanding of life, and ourselves; and how studies on slugs and tortoises can demonstrate some fundamental biological principles.

The essays have been updated, where new information is available, and are beautifully illustrated by Mike Bamford, supplemented with photographs by Mike and Mandy, Simon Cherriman and others. The book will be on sale through good bookstores, Birdlife WA and at the Artful Gene Project exhibition in November / December, 2015.

‘Biology without Borders’ is just the beginning. The Wild Side newspaper column ran to 294 essays! Part 2 of ‘The Wild Side CHRONICLES OF NATURE’ has the theme ‘The Nature of Australia’. Look out for it in coming months.

What the critics have been saying...

“…full of fascinating information complemented by beautiful illustrations… should be on everyone's 'must read' book list"

- Professor Lyn Beazley, Science Ambassador

Western Australia’s Chief Scientist 2006 – 2013

Western Australia’s Australian of the Year 2014

“This excellent book – so long in the making but so worth the wait”

- Keith McDonald

Former Editor

Earth 2000 and Eureka

‘The West Australian’

Available in all good bookstores and at the Artful Gene Project exhibition

Price: $30

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