Ecological Consulting

Bamford Consulting Ecologists (BCE) is a partnership specialising in fauna investigations for environmental impact assessment, and long-term ecological monitoring of fauna populations, particularly in relation to disturbance, mining and rehabilitation. Other activities include wetland rehabilitation, environmental interpretation, community education, and Science Communication.

Clients include industry, federal, state and local government and community groups. Our business is regularly employed to provide specialist fauna experience for larger firms of environmental and engineering consultants. We have operated on a full-time basis since 1989.

The business provides an umbrella for a number of skilled sub-consultants, with experience throughout Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Northern Queensland, who form a cooperative network that enables BCE to undertake large scale and multiple projects.


  • Level 1 and Level 2 impact assessment

  • Targeted surveys for significant species, including:

    • Black-Cockatoos

    • Western Ringtail Possum

    • Trapdoor Spiders

    • Bilbies

    • Mulgara

    • Night Parrot

  • Long-term monitoring of disturbance and rehabilitation

  • Bird surveys including waterbirds and shorebirds

  • Biodiversity assessments

  • Fauna relocation

Our approach

  • Bio-statistics

  • Innovative research design

  • Scientific method

  • Trained scientists with extensive field experience

  • Fauna values and impact assessment

Survey Methods

  • Fenced and unfenced pitfall traps

  • Funnel traps

  • Cage and Elliott traps

  • Mist nets

  • Bird censusing

  • Motion sensitive cameras

  • Spotlighting

  • Tracks, scats and other evidence

  • Bat detection

  • Area-based sampling

  • Aerial surveys using manned aircraft and drones

  • Pole cameras